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Benevolent funds or Charity funding
You may be able to get help with the cost of going on holiday - either alone or with the person you care for - from a charity or benevolent fund. Your social worker, GP, health visitor or local carers' support group can give you more information on local benevolent funds and other possible sources of funding.
You might find help from the following:

•     Saga Respite for Carers Trust provides a limited number of free holidays each year for carers over
the age of 50 and the people they look after.

•     The Family Fund can provide grants towards the cost of holidays for families on a low income
who are caring for a child with a severe disability.

•     The Family Holiday Association is a UK charity providing breaks at holiday sites, or grants to help
with the cost of a holiday, to low-income families in need of a holiday away from home. You need to
be referred by your social worker, GP or health visitor, or by a charity or other welfare agent.

•     The Children's Country Holiday Fund provides respite breaks in the countryside for young carers
aged 6 to 16 and disadvantaged children and young people.

•     Funding for disabled holidays

•     About grants: http://www.disability-grants.org/holiday-grants.html
Other Funding:

•     http://margaretsfund.co.uk/how-we-help/

•     http://www.disability-grants.org/holiday-grants-disabled-children.html

Adults and children
•     http://www.disability-grants.org/holiday-grants-disabled-children-adults.html
•     http://www.disabledholidayinfo.org.uk/documents/PossibleFundingsourcesforforAdults.pdf
•     http://www.disabilitysanctuary.com/forum/index.php?threads/grants-for-disabled.8201/
•     http://www.3hfund.org.uk/grants.php

•     http://www.disability-grants.org/holiday-grants-carers.htm
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