2015 Events
Fundraising Event: Mount Snowdon - Saturday 25th July 2015

We will be attempting to ascend and descend Mount Snowdon in Wales, the participants are:

• Kelly Melnicenko - Ty Glyn Centre Manager
• Andrea
• Susan
• Robb

Many thanks to those who have supported us in this endeavor with donations of some equipment needed for
the group.

We successfully completed our ascent and descent of Snowdon on
Saturday 25th July 2015.

Many thanks to Andrea, Susan and Robb for their support of the Ty Glyn
Davis Trust by participating and helping to raise much needed funds with
this endeavour.

A special thank you to Robb Gallaher who was sadly taken from us in
October 2015, thank you for all that you did for the trust in fundraising
and helping to improve the centre.

On Behalf of The Ty Glyn Davis Trust and all of our guests........