A Belated Introduction to the new Ty Glyn Gardener

Those of you who visit our walled garden regularly. You may have noticed someone new pottering around. My name is Tony Vallance and I started gardening for the Ty Glyn Davis trust at the beginning of spring earlier this year.

Tony Vallance (Gardener at Ty Glyn Davis Trust)

It’s been an exciting spring and Summer watching the garden change week-by-week. From the greeting of colour and fragrance in early Spring, to the blankets of crisp frost welcoming me in the early morning.

The sun beginning to thaw the frost on the bank leading to the terrace garden.

There has been a few additions to the garden over the last few months. We have received 6 new handmade benches by local craftsman Reuben Hayward. They are made from chard locally sourced Douglas Fir. We Have also enjoyed the resent installation of a basket swing. We Have really enjoyed seeing both young and old playing on the new apparatus. Charring timber is a centuries old Japanese technique for colouring and preserving wood.

And for those of you that remember ‘Nessie’, who used to live in our orchard. Well Nessie’ more fierce cousin has moved in to keep an eye out for scrumpers!!!

Carved dragon by Simon Hedger.

Orach on a frosty morning.

One of my favourite in the vegetable garden this time of year is Orach. It’s purple leaves look great in the summer. And it’s tall elegant structure and transparent seed heads look stunning with the Winters morning sun shining through.

Tony Vallance.

Posted on Nov 30, 2017