Cut Flower Heaven

After a busy day in the Vegetable Garden, yesterday I have spent the morning ordering some extra seed for our forthcoming cut flower bed. The Vegetable and Herb gardens have always been run in the style of a Potager ie; with flowers and vegetable mixed together, but we will now be adding an extra bed just for cut flowers. The Asparagus, I am told, has always been sulky for us so we will be waving it bye bye and replacing it with rows of cut flowers. Most Victorian walled gardens contained cut flowers ‘for the big house’ and we hope to have one too and perhaps have bunches of home grown flowers for sale in the summer. We have already put in Cosmos and many more traditional flowers will follow. We currently have Rhubarb for sale and a selection of popular plants from the garden including the signature Rodgersia and Epimediums. Come down and see!

Posted on May 22, 2014