Feeling hot hot hot!

There have to be few warmer places to be in this weather than our walled garden, especially the terrace where the walls are closer together creating an oven effect! Very tempted to buy a couple of garden thermometers and see if we are as hot as sunny Spain in there! Despite the heat Cilla our heat resistant volunteer and I managed to do some more clearing and replanting up there on Wednesday. Adding more tropical looking plants ( Phormium Bronze Baby) and lovely herbaceous perennials (Veronica ‘Crater Lake Blue’ ). A big thankyou to my mother in law Gabrielle Savage for her donations of plants and a much needed hosepipe and to Cilla’s ever capable husband Fred for his much needed services with WD40 and tools to get the hosepipe connected to a tap for us.


Not a bad view on your lunchbreak!


In it’s full glory, Cephalaria gigantea the giant scabious in the centre of the walled garden.

Posted on Jun 19, 2014