A Helping Hand

We are all excited and busy here at the Ty Glyn Davis Trust’s walled garden anticipating a visit from a team of willing volunteers from our local HSBC bank. The volunteers will be working (weather permitting this weekend) on the old Strawberry bed up on the terrace aka the squirrel and vole feeding bed! The bed will need to be cleared of all weeds and unwanted plants, the soil improved and then replanted. Through donations we have assembled a collection of plants to replace the strawberries though we would welcome more plant donations. If we don’t think any donated plants will survive in our sometimes difficult conditions we will add them to our plant sales table to raise funds. Volunteers are more than welcome to get in touch too, our main volunteer day is currently Wednesday!


Plants and rhubarb for sale in the garden last week, including daylilies and the striking shuttlecock fern.

Posted on Jun 02, 2014