Let the harvest begin for the humans now!

Well the time has come to pick the ripening soft fruit, blackcurrants, redcurrants and raspberries are ready now. Pick your own at a pound a punnet, punnets by the gardeners cottage. Also ready and picked for you is bundles of rhubarb and courgettes. It’s about time we humans got in on the act. We’ve had ants eating the direct sown veg seeds, mice eating the peas, pigeons eating the brassicas and now birds eating the soft fruit, we are practically a wildlife centre. Speaking of which we had to cut back till next year our lovely clumps of Solomans Seal due to the larvae of the Soloman’s Seal Sawfly, yet more hungry wildlife!

Munch Munch!

Now we have finally had some rain after a 17 day drought the gardens are changing rapidly. Our hard working band of volunteers are also contributing to the changes having spent the week cutting back the verdant growth on the disabled access path and clearing self sown herbs on the terrace beds to replant. I have placed a crate for plant donations by the gardeners cottage if you have any spare cuttings or veggie plants you can leave them in there for us. We have a lot of replanting to do and any donations are gratefully received, if the plants donated we already have or if we can’t fit them into our planting schemes or interesting growing conditions we will add them to our ever expanding plant sales table.

I hope the local branch of the Rotary Club enjoyed their treasure hunt in the garden on Tuesday and I believe we are in the Cambrian with the HSBC volunteer day, but I can’t find a copy anywhere!

I will leave you with a picture of one of the many gorgeous roses out in the garden now Rosa mundi

Posted on Jun 29, 2014