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Rained off again!

Posted on Feb 17, 2016

Yet another wet day here, the hedges have sprung waterfalls, the roads are either ponds or rivers depending on gradient and the garden is a collection of areas of standing water. So after a health and safety check and trimming back the bamboo that had collapsed over the slide it was seed shopping time.

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New Year – New Garden

Posted on Jan 27, 2016

Well it’s been a while since I have blogged, the reason being that we have been mighty busy at The Ty Glyn Davis Trust’s Walled Garden.

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Storm season is here

Posted on Nov 18, 2015

November gave us a very gentle start to Autumn, it was in the 20′s temperature wise on our first Grand Plant Sale on the 1st of the month. We had a lovely day in the garden making people happy with plants to take home and we raised £182 in total, which has been spent on putting in new plants in the areas cleared.

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Posted on Oct 25, 2015

Just to let all you plantaholics know we are having a GRAND PLANT SALE Sunday 1st November from 1-3pm in the garden. We will be dividing our borders and selling clumps of plants at low prices all monies to the garden. Come along and re-stock your garden with interesting plants at low cost all while supporting a charity. Hope to see you there.

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A very mellow Autumn

Posted on Oct 18, 2015

What a lovely October we are having, makes up for the wet weather in August. Unfortunately due to a dislocated shoulder I haven’t quite managed to take advantage of the unseasonally good weather! I have had to restrict myself to continuing to paint the metalwork, some of which is in poor condition, I hope I am catching it in time to preserve it.

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Soggy September

Posted on Sep 22, 2015

Well it has been a bit of a soggy September so far, with the odd glorious day just to remind us how it can be! Not too wet to work though so we have been kept busy as ever in the garden.

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Joyous July

Posted on Jul 12, 2015

Certainly a wetter month than July last year we have even had enough rain to allow us to work on the beds on the sunny terrace which normally resemble concrete at this time of year.

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Flaming June

Posted on Jun 11, 2015

What a strange old month June is freezing winds and baking hot days in the garden. Those walls sure can reflect the heat when they want to!

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Whitsuntide Wonderful

Posted on May 23, 2015

The garden is changing so rapidly at the minute with some plants growing 4 inches a week. Even a weekly visit would show you the difference in the garden.

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The ABC’s

Posted on May 10, 2015

That’s Apple blossom, bluebells and cold spell to you! The Apple trees are in full flower, though with the wind blowing the petals off and the cold spell putting the pollinating insects back to bed I’m not sure we are going to have the sort of crop we had last year.

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